This is one of our core competencies. We are extensively networked into the corporate world and have access to qualified and experienced professionals. We have highly experienced resourcing staff with rich experience in serving clients from various industries.


We offer services aimed at addressing a wide range of human resources management decisions and tasks. We assist organisations to develop more effective human resources processes and programs as well as aid in the development of new workflows.

Some of our focused services include:

  • We can assist in businesses with general communication and employee behavior issues.
  • Overall human capital, including the implementation of rewards and incentives.
  • Employee healthcare and benefits.
  • If there are mergers and acquisitions on the horizon for a company, we can make the transition more seamless.


The HR Shared Services that can be carried out are:

  • Third party pay rolling services -We can assist companies by keeping the contingent workforce on our roles and relieve them of administrative work related to attendance, salary processing and statutory compliance.
  • New hire creation, rehire creation, data changes ,Transfers, Job Title changes,
  • Employee Self Support services and Manager self-support, HRMIS maintenance
  • Payroll Administration, Employee satisfaction survey’s etc.
  • On boarding and managing the career path of Individual Employees
  • Managing the entire Performance management cycles covering the Compensation and Benefits Survey’s, bench marking of salaries, Positioning the Organization with Competition,
  • IT ,ESI,PF returns ,IT returns to Employees and meeting statutory compliances
  • Integrating existing Soft Ware management with our cost effective cloud solutions